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Age: 45 to 60 Days

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Buy Shih Tzu puppy for sale in Bangalore

Ready to get Ryleigh, A Shih Tzu puppy into your life in Bangalore? Pawsypoo online Pet Shop is here to make it happen. Ryleigh, Shih Tzu puppy is more than pet; Shih Tzu are loyal and trustworthy mates. Buy Shih Tzu puppy for sale online in Bangalore, India. We deliver Healthy, Show Quality, Purebred Shih Tzu puppy for sale at the Best Prices in Bangalore, India. Don’t wait any longer – your pawfect pet friend is just a click away with Pawsypoo.

Shih Tzu puppy Breed Information

Origin Tibet, China
Breed Group Toy Group
Size Small; typically weighing 9 to 16 pounds (4 to 7 kilograms).
Lifespan 10 to 16 years
Coat Long, flowing double coat that requires regular grooming to prevent matting
Temperament Friendly, affectionate, and good with families and other pets
Exercise needs Moderate; daily walks and playtime are sufficient to keep them healthy
Training Intelligent but can be stubborn. Consistent, positive reinforcement-based training works best
Grooming High maintenance
Health Prone to respiratory issues, dental problems, eye conditions, joint problems, and other genetic health concerns.

Pawsypoo is trusted online Pet Shop for healthy, Show Quality and purebred Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Bangalore, India. We have 45 to 60 days of Old Male and Female puppies available. Our dedicated pet parents raises these pets with expertise and dedication, ensuring their well-being and quality.

You can buy Shih Tzu puppies from Pawsypoo today. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 8766330856. Our team is always here to assist you with pet-related inquiries.

Shih Tzu Frequently Asked Question

A Shih Tzu is known to be particularly affectionate towards children. Because they are a small breed designed to spend the majority of their time inside royal palaces, they are the perfect pet if you live in a small space or don't have a large yard.

They are small dogs. Shih Tzus doesn't have litters of puppies. The typical litter contains around three puppies. A reliable breeder will not make a fortune by breeding Shih Tzus. The price of the pups reflects the number of health tests, veterinary care, and the duration of time with pups.

In India, prices for Shih Tzu puppies range between Rs30,000 and Rs70,000 according to their breed. An excellent high-end Shih Tzu puppy costs Rs30,000 to 35,000. KCI registered pups cost between Rs50,000 and around Rs80,000. Finally, show-quality Shih Tzu pups cost Rs50,000 to Rs70,000 and vary according to gender and availability.

It is essential to have a healthy, high-quality diet due to the amount of energy they consume in their growing phase. A balanced eating plan suitable for Shih Tzus comprises a mixture of vegetables, meats, and some low GI carbs. These foods boost immunity and promote strong bones and joints.

It isn't expected to have you to have your Shih Tzu to be a bit stinky. Body smell. They are typically very clean and tidy pets. They are soft, cuddly, and not a lot of shedders. You first need to get your vet to examine him thoroughly to determine if there is an issue with his health or if he is at fault for the smelly mess.

They are known to bark at dogs and people who are passing by the window or into the distance while walking. They are fond of barking at the door of the house when guests arrive as if to say I want to pet you, and then bark. Barking in a car is an issue that can be fixed.

A typical age range for Shih Tzu is 13 years old. Their lifespan ranges from 10 to 16 years. The world's longest-living Shih Tzu was alive for 23 years.

The Shih Tzu is said to be an energetic, playful dog with an amazingly low-maintenance personality. The only love they like more than following owners around the house is getting petted and pampering! They'll be content in your pet's lap for a long time and are even prone to laziness.

This is a vital subject because the Shih Tzu is a brachycephalic dog breed and could easily be affected by temperatures. They may struggle to stay calm, experience increased breathing issues, and be affected by heat-related issues.

They are great pets for families. They're gentle and playful and love spending time with their human. But, it's crucial to bond with your Shih Tzu early to reduce anxious behavior, such as excessive barking. Shi Tzus requires regular exercise and regular grooming.

What's the size of a fully grown Shih Tzu? Based on the American Kennel Club Official Shih Tzu Breed Standards, Adult Shih Tzus weighs between 9 and 16 pounds and will stand between 9 and 10.5 inches high. Fully grown Shih Tzus will appear slightly larger than tall, with their tail curving over their backs.

Shih Tzus are well-known for their high snouts, big round eyes, long coats, floppy ears, and stout and short posture. They are renowned for their playful nature and calm and friendly attitude and occasionally are aggressive towards newcomers. They can adapt quickly to a variety of situations.

Milk is not a drink for dogs. Although it is rich in protein and calcium, it shouldn't be part of your dog's diet as it could upset their stomachs and trigger long-term health problems.

Yes, dogs can consume rice. Indeed, you might have seen rice as a component in commercial dog food. But, a rice-based meal by itself should not be a regular meal - rice should be a part of a balanced diet that includes all the nutrition your dog requires.

Yes, cooked eggs are great for dogs! Dogs can consume hard-boiled eggs and scrambled eggs. The most important thing is that eggs have to cook.

Experts suggest bathing this dog at least once every six weeks. What is the best frequency to bathe your Shih Tzu? A Shih Tzu's curly, thick coat demands more care than other breeds. Shih Tzus should be cleaned every three weeks to keep the hair and skin healthy. This will stop bad smells from developing.

Shih Tzus is an energy-savvy breed, and they like to rest. In general, Shih Tzus can sleep between 12 and 16 hours every day. But giving them regular workouts and mental stimulation is essential to keep them fit and content.

Shih Tzus typically are affectionate and love having lots of cuddle time with their dog parents. The little dogs generally enjoy a healthy and lengthy life span between 10 to 16 years. However, Shih Tzu's health problems can be found, such as eye disease and ear and back discomfort.

The Shih Tzu should be given baths every three weeks unless coat, skin, or any other health issue requires frequent baths. The time frame of each three weeks isn't an unintentional amount. It all boils down to the natural body oils. The body oils of a dog aid in keeping skin moisturized and soft while also keeping the coat shining.

Shih Tzus are intelligent dogs that are eager to delight their owners. However, they can be stubborn, and this could make training difficult. Make training sessions brief and enjoyable, and ensure that your Shih Tzu gets plenty of time to play and physical activity to keep them entertained.

Despite the lengthier coat, this breed has only one layer in their coat. This means they cannot like colder temperatures. So, this breed will appreciate the softness of a jumper and will love a windproof and waterproof coat.

Because of their affectionate and at-home nature, many pet owners are concerned that their Shih Tzu may be jealous. This is particularly true when considering the attention, care, or affection shown to pets or other home members. They aren't usually affected by jealousy-related episodes.

Yes! This breed's intelligence is what makes them highly capable of training. Children of all ages can train these loving, friendly, and charming pets to make excellent therapy canines.

Shih Tzus are clever, yet they're also a bit indecisive. They'll be able to learn everything you can teach them; however, whether they'd like to do what you tell them or not is their decision.

Shih Tzus aren't known to shed and are an excellent option for many, but not all, allergy sufferers. There is, however, no such thing as a 100 hypoallergenic dog. So every dog, even Shih-Tzus, can have the potential to trigger an allergic response.

After three to four weeks, the puppy's senses develop rapidly, their eyes expand, and they start making more meaningful noises, like whining. At eight weeks, the majority of puppies can be trained to bark and be able to do it during playtime alongside their littermates. If your puppy does not bark but doesn't seem to be able to, don't fret.

In the ideal universe, that wouldn't happen before the Tzu was around eight or nine months old. However, because you will likely need to work/go to school or run errands on your own and so on, any puppy of any age could be left alone for... 7, 8, or 9 hours 8, or even 9 hours. Some work will be completed to help develop coping skills as the puppy matures.

Heart failure is the leading cause of death among older shih tzus. 75% of heart diseases are due to valve degeneration. If your dog is suffering from a heart murmur or other physical signs that suggest heart problems, we'll perform tests to identify the extent of the condition.

Dogs require water and food for survival. If they're otherwise healthy, they could endure for up to five days without food as long as they drink. Dogs have survived for longer in a calorie-free environment. However, there's an increased risk of irreparable injury to their organs or tissues or even death.

Many Shih Tzus have a long life. But they do suffer from liver and kidney ailments, knee issues, and eye conditions, as well as itchy skin allergies and many more. Read more about Shih Tzu Health. They are eliminating the problems that could arise due to their small face.

Engage in play-based activities with ropes, squeaky, or puzzle toys. Going with the Shih Tzu for a walk or to a dog park could provide physical and mental stimulation. In addition, you can teach the Shih Tzu new tricks, or offering them chew toys can keep them amused.

Shih Tzus can rest comfortably in rooms with air conditioning, so they are at a moderate temperature. Small breed dogs are susceptible to heat exhaustion, and ensuring cool temperatures can prevent them from becoming overheated.

Should Your Dog Drink Cold Water? Don't believe everything you've heard until now; there's no evidence to suggest that ice cubes, cold liquids, or water containing ice harm dogs. The main problem isn't related to temperature at all. It's about speed. How fast the dog drinks the water.

Due to their tiny size and the fact that they tend to be very well trained, Shih Tzus are an ideal pet for new owners.

However, they're not only easy to look at; they will make you feel hearty. Shih Tzus are incredibly loving and lavish of love to their owners. They've mastered the position of lap dog for over 1000 years.

Yes, they shed, removing the notion that they are shedders who don't. Contrary to other breeds of dogs with fur coats, Shih Tzus are hairy, which means they shed less. Excessive shedding in Shih-Tzus may occur during the summer months, especially when pregnant or due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Dogs can indeed eat bananas. When consumed in moderation, bananas are an excellent low-calorie snack for dogs. They're rich in vitamin B, potassium, biotin, fiber, and copper. They're low in sodium and cholesterol. However, due to their sugar content, bananas should only be served as a treat, not the main ingredient in your dog's diet.

The adorable little munchkins have square heads with small, deeply set eyes that are black. Their muzzles are long, but their fur is silky and long. All and popular love them for their bubbly personality, and they are great pets for the family.

Yes. There's no alternative to drinking liquid water; the coconut drink could be a delicious treat for your pet. It's a great source of electrolytes, which will help ensure that your pup is hydrated. It boosts their energy since it contains nutrients such as calcium, potassium, and Vitamin C.

You can keep the Shih Tzu cool by taking walks in the morning and evening to avoid the hot times of the day. You can also provide plenty of water and healthy, water-rich snacks, such as frozen fruit.

There's no need to stress this because rice and curd benefit dogs.

Shih Tzus, as with all dogs, can eat diverse foods. Rice, chicken, and vegetables can be included in a balanced diet for a Shih Tzu. Still, speaking with a veterinarian or expert dog nutritionist is crucial to determine the most appropriate diet for your dog.

Shih Tzus has a great time eating various foods at tables in moderation, like cooked turkey, chicken, and even fish. They can also appreciate tiny amounts of fruits, such as apples and berries, and veggies, like carrots and beans.

Most puppies quit their mothers at eight weeks old, but taking up to 10 weeks might be the most suitable for your pup. This separation timeframe allows puppies to stop drinking milk and start eating solid food. They also acquire basic dog behavior from their siblings and mom.

Have you ever thought, "Can dogs eat mango?" Yes, you can. It's a great source of nutrients and is suitable for dogs to eat, so long as the fruit is peeled and the pit removed.

Bathing the Shih Tzu more frequently helps reduce the smell. However, it's essential to be careful not to soak them too long, which will deplete their skin of natural oils and trigger skin problems. Consider using a dry shampoo designed specifically for dogs between baths to keep her scent fresh.

The digestive system of dogs is distinct from that of humans. Human food is typically too rich and fatty for dogs to digest food properly. Consuming it could result in diarrhea, vomiting, and more severe ailments like pancreatitis. A lot of human food items also contain an excessive amount of sodium that dogs need to avoid.

Dogs have some natural advantages over humans in seeing in darkness, such as Tapetum lucidum. The tapetum, lucidum, is the reflective tissue beneath the retina. It's present in almost all mammals and responsible for the eye's appearance in photographs or at night.

Certain Shih Tzus can do well by eating a large meal; however, dividing their daily calorie allowance between an early morning and a late dinner is recommended.

Shih Tzu loves walking in the yard and spending time with the family. However, they're not made to spend a lot of time outdoors. They are not able to withstand temperatures, and their lengthy coat could cause mats, tangles and catch a few burrs. Shih Tzu shouldn't be allowed to go outside on their own.

I recommend you feed your adult Shih Tzu three times a day. It would help if you also cut the gap between the final and following meals. Make use of buttermilks, bone broths, or an ounce of curd for breakfast at the beginning of each day. Puppy pups may require 4-10 meals per day according to the size of their bodies.

Shih Tzus are famous for their lively, joyful temperaments. They're playful and fun. Shih Tzu usually enjoys being with people of all ages and with other dogs and animals of various species. There are very few sharp Shih Tzu. However, the majority are lovely.

Pugs with flat faces, Boston terriers, French bulldogs, English bulldogs, and Shih Tzus are more sensitive to temperatures due to brachycephalic respiratory syndrome (BAS). These dogs have tiny nose openings and large soft palates at the rear of their mouths, limiting airflow.

Controlling temperature Shih Tzus possesses a thick double coat that can help regulate your body's temperature. If your AC is set to a low temperature, you must provide your dog with a cozy and comfortable sleeping space, like a warm blanket or bed, to keep them from becoming too cold.

A lot of Shih Tzu is sensitive to slightly lower temperatures in the home during winter and fall seasons or when you turn up the AC in summer.

Shih Tzus generally is not aggressive toward strangers or children. They are a smaller dog breed well-known for their affectionate, affectionate, and social nature. Shih Tzus typically do well with children and are excellent pets for families.

Breeded as companion dogs, Shih Tzus are friendly, fun, and extroverted; however, they can sometimes be obstinate! Shih Tzus enjoys human companionship and feels most at home near you or by your side. They are ideal owners who are primarily at home.

Shih Tzus are generally considered intelligent dogs and were even used to aid traders and farmers. But, Shih Tzus can also sometimes be stubborn. Shih Tzu's intellect varies depending on the individual, but most think they're excellent problem solvers.

Although a Shih Tzu's goal is to be a source of comfort during lengthy, difficult times, the stress can tire them out. As the days grow into weeks and months shift into months, the dogs may feel the same anxiety and stress as their human counterparts.

Shih Tzu health issues are not uncommon, including eye diseases, issues with ears, eye disease, and back discomfort. To be clear, Shih Tzus from breeders who are responsible tend to be sturdy; however, pet owners must remain aware of typical Shih Tzu health problems.

Hot spots, hair loss, flaky skin, and rashes are the most common skin reactions. Skin allergies can manifest everywhere on the shih-tzu. However, you must keep an eye on their muzzle and eyes as well as their feet, paws, and the underside of their bodies, especially if allergies to contact are suspected.

Your Shih Tzu may be prone to joint and bone issues. Conditions such as Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), Patellar Luxation, and Hip Dysplasia are common. Make an appointment with your vet when you observe any changes in your dog's moves or indications of discomfort and pain.

All dogs suffer from digestive problems every now and often. However, those of the Shih Tzu breed can be more susceptible than other breeds. It is tiny and could quickly develop a severe illness if they are not treated. Always consult your vet if you feel your Shih Tzu suffers from disease.

Shih Tzu puppy, like most young animals, may feel sensitive towards loud sounds. Providing a peaceful and secure environment for them is essential, particularly when they're very young. Exposure to loud noises or music could be stressful and damaging to their delicate ears.

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