Pet Relocation services in India

Moving to a new home, whether across town or across the globe, can be a daunting task – not just for you, but for your beloved pets too. At Pawsypoo, we specialize in making the pet relocation services smooth and worry-free for both you and your furry companions.

Our Pet Relocation services

Pet Relocation services in India
  • Door-to-Door Pet Transportation

    Whether you're moving across the country or internationally, we offer door-to-door pet transportation services to make the journey as seamless as possible. Our experienced team will handle all aspects of the relocation process, from paperwork and logistics to ensuring your pet's comfort throughout the journey.

  • Customized Travel Plans

    Every pet is unique, and so are their travel needs. We work closely with you to create customized travel plans tailored to your pet's specific requirements. From scheduling flights to arranging ground transportation, we take care of every detail to guarantee a safe and comfortable trip for your furry companion.

  • Pet-Friendly Accommodations

    Finding pet-friendly accommodations can be a challenge when relocating. With our extensive network of pet-friendly hotels and accommodations, we ensure that your pet has a comfortable place to stay during transit or upon arrival at the destination.

  • Expert Guidance and Support

    Our team of pet relocation specialists is here to guide you through every step of the process. From providing advice on pet travel regulations to offering tips for reducing your pet's stress during the journey, we are committed to providing you with the support you need for a successful relocation

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With years of experience in pet transportation, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle even the most complex pet relocations.


The safety and well-being of your pet are our top priorities. We adhere to the highest standards of care and safety protocols to ensure a secure journey for your furry friend.

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Our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations and ensure your complete satisfaction. We go above and beyond to make the pet relocation process as smooth and hassle-free as possible for you and your pet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pet relocation involves the safe and organized transportation of pets from one location to another, whether domestically or internationally. You might need pet relocation services if you're moving to a new city or country and want to ensure your pet's journey is smooth and stress-free.

Pet relocation services typically include customized travel planning, assistance with documentation and regulatory requirements, pet-friendly transportation arrangements, health and quarantine compliance, pet boarding and care, and door-to-door service for added convenience.

Preparation is key to a successful pet relocation. Start by ensuring your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations and has a clean bill of health from a veterinarian. Invest in a sturdy and comfortable travel crate or carrier, and gradually acclimate your pet to it before the journey. Finally, consider your pet's emotional well-being and provide plenty of reassurance and familiar comforts during the relocation process.

Some countries or airlines may have breed-specific regulations or restrictions regarding pet travel. It's important to research and understand these regulations beforehand to ensure compliance. Additionally, certain breeds may require special accommodations or precautions during travel due to their size, breed characteristics, or health considerations.

It's recommended to book pet relocation services as far in advance as possible, especially for international relocations, as there may be extensive paperwork, health checks, and travel arrangements that need to be coordinated. Aim to book services at least several weeks to months in advance to ensure ample time for preparation.

Pet relocation services prioritize the safety and well-being of pets during transit. This may include using pet-friendly airlines or transport companies that adhere to strict safety standards, providing comfortable travel accommodations, ensuring proper ventilation and temperature control, and offering regular updates and monitoring throughout the journey.

Many pet relocation services provide real-time tracking and updates on your pet's journey, allowing you to stay informed and reassured throughout the relocation process. This may include online tracking portals, frequent communication with the relocation team, and updates on arrival times and conditions.

Travel can be stressful for pets, but there are steps you can take to help alleviate their anxiety. This includes providing familiar comforts such as toys, blankets, and treats, maintaining a calm and reassuring demeanor, and consulting with your veterinarian about potential anxiety-relief strategies or medications for your pet.

Upon arrival at the destination, it's important to provide your pet with a safe and comfortable environment to adjust to their new surroundings. This may include setting up their familiar bedding, food, and water dishes, gradually introducing them to their new home, and providing plenty of love and attention to help ease their transition.

If you have additional questions or concerns about pet relocation, don't hesitate to reach out to your pet relocation service provider. They are there to assist you every step of the way and can provide expert guidance, support, and reassurance to ensure a successful relocation experience for you and your pet.

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"A team you can trust"

I had a great experience with them. Purchased a cat few months back. They had provided with each and every detail about the pet and maintained hygiene and team here is very cooperative. Must recommended Pawsypoo.

Kavita Verma


"Great place to get your puppy"

It was a great pleasure having to get our first fur baby with Pawsypoo from the beginning to till the date we got the puppy delivered it was very easy. Helped us to get ready and not be nervous in being first time pup parents.

Shefali Sharma


"Awesome Experience"

Got my first pet through Pawsypoo. They have hassle free process. Just one call and rest is handled through different departments. We had great experience in getting our puppy. We named him Max.

Parvathy Kuroor