Find Cats for sale in India

Buy Health-certified Cats online in India.

Available Cats for sale in India

Find Cats for sale in India

If you're searching for the most reliable online pet shop in India, then you're at the right place. The team at Pawsypoo, provide you the finest cats and puppies available to families around the globe.

Being a cat owner is life-changing and simultaneously it is a life-long commitment. The presence of a cat in your home is not just a source of peace but also pleasure. But, having a cat requires you to accept some responsibility.

Like the other members of your family as well, you must give your cat some time, consideration, affection and care. If you're a cat lover who is are planning to bring the perfect and most appealing cat to your home today, Pawsypoo is here to fulfill all your wishes.

Buy cat online in India

As a renowned online pet shop in India We first check each cat to make sure that the right breeding practices are followed. If everything is in line with our standards our cat is offered for sale.

All dogs in our organization are considered our own and we do our best to provide them a comfortable and healthy life. Pawsypoo is the sole place you can locate dogs for auction in India and also from licensed breeders and pet parents.

We ensure that our breeders and pet parents do no use force cat breeding and that the breeding process is conducted in a healthy and natural habitat.

You might be wondering about what is it that makes Pawsypoo different from other cat breeders that are present in India? If you decide to purchase our cat you can rest sure of the best breed and assistance from our experienced staff.

We make sure that we keep our dogs exactly like our own prior to distributing these to the customers we sell them. If you're looking to bring joy to your house, then you should buy online a cat as it's an excellent alternative.

We are always available to answer your queries. Just give us a phone call or whatsapp message, Our pet industry experts will try their best to give you best advice or pet related solutions in India. Contact - 8766330856

Why Choose Pawsypoo

At Pawsypoo, we offer free consultation for your cat, which makes your decision easy when it comes to choose the best cat breed for you. As well as there are lots of unique services which we provide in India when you book your cat with us.

Every Step Communication

We are open to connect at every step from booking a cat to delivery.

Ethical Pure Breeding

Ethical cat breeding prioritize genetic testing and health screenings to prevent passing on hereditary diseases. This ensures not only happy, healthy lives for the cat but also minimizes future suffering and financial burdens for their owners.

Parvo-Tested Pets

Prevention is always better than cure. Thats why we provide parvo tested dogs.

Proper Health Checkup

We provide complete health checkup for your cat before delivery and available to guide you anytime.

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