Grace - German Shepherd puppy for sale in Bangalore

Age: 45 to 60 Days

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Buy German Shepherd puppy for sale in Bangalore

Ready to get Grace, A German Shepherd puppy into your life in Bangalore? Pawsypoo online Pet Shop is here to make it happen. Grace, German Shepherd puppy is more than pet; German Shepherd are loyal and trustworthy mates. Buy German Shepherd puppy for sale online in Bangalore, India. We deliver Healthy, Show Quality, Purebred German Shepherd puppy for sale at the Best Prices in Bangalore, India. Don’t wait any longer – your pawfect pet friend is just a click away with Pawsypoo.

German Shepherd puppy Breed Information

Origin Germany
Breed Group Herding Group
Size 24 to 26 inches (60 to 65 cm) at the shoulder
Lifespan 9 to 13 years
Coat GSDS features two coats that consist of a thick, straight or curly exterior coat as well as a soft undercoat. German Shepherd colours include black and Tan, the sable (a mixture of black and Tan, with hairs with dark tips), and black solid.
Temperament A German Shepherd's character is marked by determination, loyalty, and the ability to think.
Exercise Needs: High
Training Needs: Highly trainable
Grooming Needs: Regular grooming is important.
Health As with the other breeds, they are vulnerable to certain health problems. Common issues include the dysplasia of the elbow and hip as well as conditions that affect the ear (such as ear infections) or eye conditions (such as cataracts) and degenerative myelopathy.

Pawsypoo is trusted online Pet Shop for healthy, Show Quality and purebred German Shepherd puppies for sale in Bangalore, India. We have 45 to 60 days of Old Male and Female puppies available. Our dedicated pet parents raises these pets with expertise and dedication, ensuring their well-being and quality.

You can buy German Shepherd puppies from Pawsypoo today. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 8766330856. Our team is always here to assist you with pet-related inquiries.

German Shepherd Frequently Asked Question

German shepherds are friendly and loving companions for families through proper training and socialization. They're the perfect breed for families with active kids. The nature of their intelligence and the way they behave make the breed a great option for families with kids when the dog is well-trained.

German Shepherds are renowned for their ability to be vocal and bark when they are unhappy, lonely, or in need of attention. They also protect themselves and can use barking to notify their owners of any dangers or potential strangers. Training and socialization in the right way can reduce their tendency to bark.

Although German Shepherds may protect their territory and family, They aren't necessarily aggressive. If properly trained and socialized, they can become happy and well-behaved pets. It's crucial to remember that any breed could be aggressive if they're not properly socialized and trained.

Yes, German Shepherds are the descendants of wolves and have a variety of physical and mental traits with their wild ancestral ancestors.

While they are known as tough dogs, German Shepherds (particularly females) are generally gentle and great with children. Males may be more tolerant of rough play. If they're not trained with children and trained, they need to be watched.

GSDs are known for their mouths, for a start. Additionally, your pet is young, and that is the way they play. They begin learning to bite together with their littermates as they're small. Dogs that are separated too early might have difficulty getting this skill.

There are a lot of German Shepherds throughout America in addition to Britain (almost exclusive to these bloodlines) who are scared or shy about child-snapping, and a lot of people accept this as normal.

Do you think a German Shepherd remains on his own for more than 8 hours a day? No. German Shepherds shouldn't be left unattended for more than eight hours in a day. They are bored easily, and when they are left on their own for longer than that, they might engage in destructive or dangerous behaviours like chewing, digging, and barking.

These majestic dogs are famous for their loyalty to the highest degree and ferocious protective instincts, making them excellent working dogs as well as beloved family members. German Shepherds are strong and brave, as well as very capable of being trained. They develop strong bonds with their families and are renowned for their loyalty to the family.

They're the ideal dog for people looking for companionship in their homes and out on the roads. They're highly energetic, and they're great hiking companions or guides. They are also great for guide dogs. German Shepherd is ideal for families with only one dog, and all adults and Labradors are better suited to families with children. Labrador is a better choice for households with children.

The most suitable food for a German Shepherd is one that is high in fat and protein content. Because German Shepherds are known for their high levels of energy, they should be fed a diet that will aid in maintaining their energy levels. German Shepherds are advised to eat turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, salmon and rabbit.

German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and their protective nature. This makes them an ideal choice for parents with kids. But, as with any breed of dogs, German Shepherds may be aggressive when they're not appropriately trained and socialized.

The German shepherd dog can be extremely sensitive and obedient and can master tricks at the same speed as he runs. Their intelligence is a genetic trait that has been passed down over generations. According to a study of dog trainers, German shepherds are ranked as the third most intelligent dog breed among all breeds.

German Shepherds are famous for their strong relationships with their handlers. This is the reason their kisses are a beloved part of the human-dog connection.

Yes, absolutely all dogs have"happy faces" with their mouths open and relaxed. Not least German Shepherds!

The German shepherd's personality is smart, loyal, and lively. Reservist but welcoming. Most of the time, they enjoy the company of their family but can be troubled by anxiety about separation.

Contrary to what is commonly believed, GSDs are incredibly sensitive emotional dogs, and they are stressed easily. They're all about being around you. GSD puppies are full-time jobs as they are puppies until they turn at least two years old.

Remember that German Shepherds might not be as peaceful as other breeds of dog, but they'll improve their calmness as time passes. To train your dog to behave calmly, you can practice doing obedience exercises in the face of distractions in order to develop control and focus.

It is believed that dogs smell stress and fear even if there aren't other indications. The dog is able to sense an increase in hormones caused by stress, including cortisol and adrenaline. In some instances, the dog can detect the rising stress levels before the person has realized it.

It's not a good idea. If your dog isn't toilet trained, removing the water bowl isn't going to help prevent accidents from occurring within the home. Healthy adult dogs will not drink a lot of water prior to bedtime. Dogs are able to go from 8 to 10 hours without having to urinate during the night, even while asleep.

German Shepherds shouldn't have to spend over 50% of their time outdoors. As puppies, you should allow them to spend less time outdoors by themselves because they require additional interaction. You could permit your German Shepherd to rest outdoors if they're mature and it's pleasant.

German Shepherds shouldn't be left on their own for more than 4 hours. Seniors and puppies shouldn't be left unattended for more than 3 hours. If you let your GSD in a secluded area for too long and they are stressed, they can suffer from separation anxiety or stress.

Some of the most highly-regarded German Shepherd bloodlines include West German Show Lines: These breeds are bred for their obedience and conformity and are well-known for their stability, confidence and training ability.

The intelligence of the German Shepherd is between 80 and 90. Dogs are thought of as the smartest species of animal, second only to monkeys. The speed of learning and communication determine the degree of intelligence that dogs have. Their sense of smell and sharp vision are a part of their ability to perform.

German Shepherds are renowned for being loyal and having strong bonds with their owners. They are known for being extremely reliable and attached to their companions.

Huskies have a lifespan of 12-15 years, whereas a German shepherd's lifespan is between 10 and 14 years. Each breed is healthy; however, they are susceptible to diseases. Huskies may have eye issues like corneal dystrophy, cataracts, and progressive retinal atrophy.

In the end, generally speaking, the Doberman is the best guard dog because of its size, trainability, ability to adapt, and temperament. But the German Shepherd can easily integrate into your home, too.

The German Shepherd is typically stronger than the Labrador. German Shepherds are bigger and have more muscle, and Labrador Retrievers are smaller and less agile. The German Shepherd has a greater impact on their bite than Labrador Retrievers.

There is no doubt that dogs from Germany are able to consume rice. Rice is an excellent source of energy and carbohydrates for dogs. It is also digestible. This makes it an ideal option for dogs who have sensitive stomachs or digestive issues.

No. There aren't all GSDs that whine too frequently. Although GSDs can be vocal, they do not complain very often or too often unless something is going on. Therefore, it's important to find out why they're crying too often.

Yes, German Shepherds are jealous dogs. When we spend our time with a different person or don't give them enough time, our German Shepherds could be irritated. This isn't a bad thing and, in line with new research, is normal for all dogs of any breed.

Do you want to try German Shepherd training by rewarding their good behaviour? The rules are simple! Use a treat or praise to reward your dog when they are able to follow the order. You can guide them by saying "No" whenever you make the wrong decision.

While they are known as tough dogs, German Shepherds (particularly females) generally have a sweet disposition and are great with children. Males can be less tolerant of rough play. Unless trained with children and trained, they must be kept under supervision.

There are a myriad of reasons German Shepherds rank at the forefront of the canine royals, But experts believe their main characteristic is character: loyalty, bravery, confidence, the capability to master commands for a variety of tasks, and the ability to put their lives on the line for loved pets.

Like other breeds of dogs that are bred for dogs, German Shepherds do not need to shower often. It's recommended to bathe them only once each, 3-4 times per year. German Shepherds are covered with two coats: both the upper and lower coats. The top coat helps protect them from the sun's rays, dust, dirt and other dust particles.

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