Morgan - Golden Retriever puppy for sale in Bangalore

Age: 45 to 60 Days

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Buy Golden Retriever puppy for sale in Bangalore

Ready to get Morgan, A Golden Retriever puppy into your life in Bangalore? Pawsypoo online Pet Shop is here to make it happen. Morgan, Golden Retriever puppy is more than pet; Golden Retriever are loyal and trustworthy mates. Buy Golden Retriever puppy for sale online in Bangalore, India. We deliver Healthy, Show Quality, Purebred Golden Retriever puppy for sale at the Best Prices in Bangalore, India. Don’t wait any longer – your pawfect pet friend is just a click away with Pawsypoo.

Golden Retriever puppy Breed Information

Origin Scotland
Size 55-75 pounds (25-34 kg) for females and 65-75 pounds (29-34 kg) for males.
Lifespan 10 to 12 years
Coat Dense, water-repellent double coat that is usually golden in color. They can have different shades of gold, from pale to dark.
Temperament Golden Retrievers are friendly, intelligent, and loving canines. They are renowned for their gentle and tolerant nature, making them great pets, families, es, and service dogs.
Exercise Needs: They are prone to moderate or high exercise needs. Regular exercise, playtime, and physical stimulation are crucial for their well-being.
Training Needs: Golden Retrievers are very trained and are eager to be loved by everyone. They excel in obedience and different activities such as agility and therapy.
Grooming The coat needs regular brushing to avoid matting, particularly during the shedding season. They shed moderately throughout the year, particularly during the shedding seasons.
Health Golden Retrievers may be susceptible to specific health problems that can affect their elbows and hips, such as dysplasia, cancer, as well as heart diseases. Regularly scheduled veterinary visits and a balanced diet are essential for their health.

Pawsypoo is trusted online Pet Shop for healthy, Show Quality and purebred Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Bangalore, India. We have 45 to 60 days of Old Male and Female puppies available. Our dedicated pet parents raises these pets with expertise and dedication, ensuring their well-being and quality.

You can buy Golden Retriever puppies from Pawsypoo today. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 8766330856. Our team is always here to assist you with pet-related inquiries.

Golden Retriever Frequently Asked Question

Goldens are friendly, reliable, and eager to please family dogs. They are also relatively simple to train. They adopt a joyful and jolly approach to life and continue the puppy-like behavior throughout adulthood. The energetic and powerful gundogs love outdoor activities.

Golden retriever dogs are all you can ever ask from a dog. They are friendly, cheerful, loyal; they are compassionate and intelligent. They are a joy for anyone and everyone and rarely become angry.

They are highly social and thrive on human interaction, making them a great choice for couples, families, or anyone looking for an affectionate companion. Golden Retrievers are known to be more friendly and enthusiastic about pleasing others and are naturally extroverts.

Health concerns Golden retrievers are vulnerable to health issues like hip dysplasia, heart disease, and cancer that can lead to substantial veterinary costs. Size: Their huge size implies they need plenty of space. They may be suited to something other than small living spaces.

The best food for the Golden Retriever generally contains natural, premium ingredients that use real meat or a meal of meat as the primary protein source and are described as balanced, nutritionally, and complete. It is designed to suit your dog's size and age.

They are loved for their gentle nature, and Golden Retrievers are trustworthy and excellent with their families. They are great therapy and assistance dogs.

Milk is a healthy snack in small amounts. On a frequent occasion, a few tablespoons of goat's dairy or goat's can be an excellent reward for your pet. But, it would help if you were cautious about giving your dog a whole bowl at once because it could trigger unpleasant reactions like vomiting, diarrhea, and loose stool.

Make sure to keep biscuits and chapatis made of wheat out of reach of your pets since they could cause diarrhea, loss of coat health, and much more. Pets who are sensitive or are allergic to gluten could develop a minor intestinal inflammation. Sugar and artificial sweeteners are among the household products that can harm dogs.

Most Goldens like to swim, and it's an excellent exercise for them even when they are young. Introduce them to the ocean as they explore the water on their own. If they need more confidence in the water, take a dip and swim out to help them feel comfortable, but let them explore on the time to explore on their own.

If you're planning to be a very active pet parent, There's no faffing around when it comes to the golden Retriever vs. Labrador retriever debate about which one is an ideal dog breed for you! However, Myers says that a golden may be the better choice if you're more relaxed and want to be more flexible.

In general, golden retriever puppies have been potty-trained for eight months. However, should you feel that you need to continue with some training, here's the best way to go about it. Be consistent, and you'll be the best tool to tackle the challenge of training your dog.

Although golden retrievers are commonly recognized for their friendliness, soft nature, and gentle disposition, every dog is prone to be aggressive if it is not well-socialized, trained, or exposed to abuse or neglect.

Can Golden Retrievers be lazy? Golden Retrievers are not highly energetic and active, so if you notice indications of a lack of energy, it could be due to emotional or medical problems. But it's best to consult your veterinarian whenever you observe anything odd with your Golden Retriever.

Fortunately, The Golden Retrievers don't tend to bark often. They're moderate barkers. This means they have fewer barking episodes than other breeds of dogs. Most times, they do so for some reason. The best method to deal with the barking of a Golden Retriever is to ensure that they receive proper training and pay attention.

If you're not interested in this much intimacy, a golden might not suit you! They need to be close to their loved ones to be content. Make sure you are prepared for lots of hands-on petting with the golden. They enjoy it. Some goldens are demanding in their need for attention from their human.

Since they're highly trainable and willing to please, they're trendy in service dogs. Apart from helping the blind and disabled, they're often used to sniff out drugs or bombs, rescue dogs in natural disasters, and lifeguard dogs due to their swimming abilities.

American Golden American Golden is considered the standard for the breed in general. While there are a few similar Canadian and British breeds, this American one is most adored. The American Golden Retriever has a luxurious gold coat. The gold hues may vary, but they aren't too dark or light.

Calm, relaxed, and reliable characteristics define Golden retriever personalities. Golden retrievers are excellent listeners and observers who are generally peaceful and diplomatic. They are also inclined towards avoiding conflict. They also are adamant about keeping harmony in their relationships.

Eggs are an excellent source of food for dogs. They're high in proteins, fatty acids, nutrients, and acids that aid your dog inside and outside. Be aware egg yolks are just as healthy as the chickens they are derived from. Giving your dog eggs made from free-range farm chickens fed an organic diet is best.

Yes, dogs can consume rice. Indeed, you might have seen rice listed as a component in commercial dog food. But, a meal of rice by itself should not be a regular meal - rice should be an element of a diverse diet that includes all the nutrition your dog requires.

It typically takes 18 months for your Golden Retriever to become an adult dog.

So, a healthy, moderately active Golden Retriever weighing 70 pounds should drink between 35 and 70 ounces per day, which is approximately four 1/3 to eight 3/4 cups, which is 1/4 to 1/2 gallon.

This active dog can be bathed every week for six weeks.

The positive side is that training a golden retriever is easy since they're incredibly very eager to please, particularly when it comes to premium puppy food. It's essential to purchase the most effective puppy-training treats, whether you're educating your puppy to lay down, sit, or even do potty training.

Golden Retrievers are a massive hit among new owners, and it's not difficult to understand the reason. Friendly, affectionate, and gentle: The soft-hearted personalities of Goldens are safe and dependable pet companions. Highly intelligent, patient, and warm, Goldens are easy to train and are great with other pets and children.

A golden retriever price in India usually cost ₹15000 – ₹30000, depending on the buying location, breeder's reputation, and puppy's lineage.

Many Golden Retrievers have been designed to be hunting dogs, and their obedience should be of the highest quality. A test on Golden Retriever's intelligence was ranked 4th out of 138 breeds based on intelligence.

Because golden retrievers were designed to co-exist with humans, they naturally seek our approval.

Shows of affection These can include kisses, hugs, or even kisses. Touching: When your dog's paws are resting on your lap or lying across your lap, it shows how comfy they are.

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