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Age: 45 to 60 Days

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Buy Beagle puppy for sale in Bangalore

Ready to get Rambo, A Beagle puppy into your life in Bangalore? Pawsypoo online Pet Shop is here to make it happen. Rambo, Beagle puppy is more than pet; Beagle are loyal and trustworthy mates. Buy Beagle puppy for sale online in Bangalore, India. We deliver Healthy, Show Quality, Purebred Beagle puppy for sale at the Best Prices in Bangalore, India. Don’t wait any longer – your pawfect pet friend is just a click away with Pawsypoo.

Beagle puppy Breed Information

Origin England
Breed Group Hound
Size 13-15 inches tall at the shoulder, 20-30 pounds.
Lifespan 10 to 15 years
Temperament Friendly, gentle, playful, curious
Grooming Low; requires weekly brushing
Health Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye problems, allergies

Pawsypoo is trusted online Pet Shop for healthy, Show Quality and purebred Beagle puppies for sale in Bangalore, India. We have 45 to 60 days of Old Male and Female puppies available. Our dedicated pet parents raises these pets with expertise and dedication, ensuring their well-being and quality.

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Beagle Frequently Asked Question

A breed described as "merry by its admirers, Beagles are loving and loved, happy and friendly, all traits that make them wonderful pets for families. It's no wonder that for a long time, the Beagle has been considered the most sought-after hound in the eyes of American pet owners.

Beagles are usually considered excellent dogs for first-time owners due to their small size and even-tempered temperament. They can adapt to most settings. However, they may be harder to handle than most breeds due to their explorative and active nature.

The cost of Beagle pups in India can range from 25,000 to 50,000 INR. The cost of Beagle puppies varies based on the breed and gender, as well as the age and size of the pup. There are a variety of beagles in India in the present. Certain breeds are purebred, while some are mixed-breed or cross-bred dogs.

Compared to other breeds of dogs that are a pleasure to be around and willing to do whatever their owner says at the most whimsy, Beagles are a little less complicated to train. Parents who are first-time dog owners may be able to find Beagles quite challenging to learn.

"Beagles are loyal and active dogs that love their owners," Bill Lambert, the representative of The Kennel Club, tells Country Living. "They have a long tradition that has gained popularity throughout England, not just for hunting dogs; they are also popular as pet companions. Queen Elizabeth I owned a few as well.

Beagles can be noisy and have a louder bark than other breeds. It is worth considering if you reside in a big city or have neighbors nearby. It is also possible that you would prefer a more peaceful dog breed.

A Beagle's diet should comprise premium and protein-rich dog food specifically designed for their size and level of energy. They can thrive eating low-fat meats like fish, chicken, or turkey, along with whole veggies and grains.

Beagles aren't typically thought of as guard dogs. They are mostly known for their gentle and friendly nature. Beagles are commonly used as scent dogs for hunting and tracking, but they aren't usually considered guard dogs because of their amiable nature.

Beagles are typically considered low-maintenance when grooming since they wear short coats that are easy to care for.

According to studies, Beagle can achieve this due to their fantastic smell, keen hearing, and a variety of eyesight.

Beagles are generally social and active, so they need regular exercise and time for play to remain healthy and content. They are great pets in an apartment if they have regular walks and playtime and have other things to keep them busy when their owners are away.

Beagles are guardians of their owners and their family. They can show aggression when a dog feels their family members or owners are at risk. Beagles can be heard to growl, bark, or even bite if they sense that their family members are at risk.

Beagles can be independent and obstinate, which can cause training to be more difficult with other breeds. Dogs that smell: Beagles have a scent instinct, which strongly urges them to follow their smells. This could lead to them wandering off if they're not controlled or supervised.

Use simple cues to teach your puppy commands. Two- and one-word commands such as "sit," "stay," or "down" are effective techniques. Be sure to reward them for their excellent behavior; if they take the seat within a few seconds after sitting, reward them with a sweet snack and lots of praise.

The typical life expectancy for Beagles is Beagle is between 12 and 15 years. Because it is a healthy, active, and small dog, it is higher than larger breeds. However, owners must maintain their fitness and dietary requirements to ensure they're content and healthy and live as long as possible.

A Mayo Clinic study found that contrary to what is commonly believed, sleeping with dogs in the bedroom does not affect pet owners' sleep negatively. The study also showed that people need to listen to their veterinarians who tell them they should keep dogs out of bedrooms in any case!

With an excellent sense of smell and a superior ability to track, The Beagle is the primary breed used to detect banned agricultural imports and food products in quarantine all over the globe. The Beagle is a trendy pet because of its size, temperament, and lack of inherited health issues.

Labrador Retrievers are renowned for their open and friendly nature. They are great pets for families. They can also be trained and often employed to serve as dogs. On the contrary, beagles are renowned for their kindness and loyal temperament. They also do well with children and are excellent companions.

Be the leader. Be patient and follow. Beagles like to think that he is the leader, and this can be the way to create a disaster situation for a novice dog trainer. You'll have to follow the lead firmly so your dog is convinced that he has to follow your instructions. Always employ positive methods for enforcement of training instead of punishment.

Beagles can be great with children. They are some of the most beautiful dogs for families around. They are friendly and affectionate and enjoy being around humans. They are also comparatively simple to teach, and that is a benefit for families with children.

It is not the case that all beagles are nocturnal; however, beagles are well known for their solid vocal characteristics and the habit of barking, howling, and even baying. The amount of barking they do can differ widely between dogs and within the same breed.

Thus, dogs belonging to the hound breed, such as those belonging to the hound group Beagle Foxhound, Bloodhound, and Coonhound, etc., have a more intense and distinct smell than other breeds. The specific smell is called "hound smell" or "hound smell'. What does a beagle smell like? The most accurate way to describe it is to describe it as a mild, musky scent.

The most significant benefit of owning a beagle is the pleasure and happiness they add to people's lives. Beagles are extremely loved, loyal, and affectionate dogs. This makes them excellent family pets. They also have a high level of intelligence and can be taught tricks and participate in activities with the family.

Beagles are lively, playful, friendly, and affectionate dogs that require plenty of mental and physical stimulation. For proper care of your Beagle, you should ensure they have a nutritious diet, regular exercise, lots of time and attention, and regular vet care.

Many dogs emit various sounds, but Beagles are considered one of the loudest dog breeds available. Your Beagle isn't afraid to talk when you ask and could be so loud that they can be annoying sometimes.

Hot and spicy food is advised against. Keep in mind that some foods are very harmful to dogs, causing illnesses and sometimes even death. They include onions, chocolate, raisins, macadamia nuts, Xylitol, and grapes. As your dog gets older and less active, you could adjust the diet and feed less protein.

Milk is a nutritious treat when consumed in small quantities. A couple of tablespoons of cow's dairy or goat's, on occasion, can be a good reward for your pet. However, it is best to be cautious about giving your dog a whole bowl at once because it could trigger uncomfortable reactions such as vomiting, diarrhea, and loose stool.

Beagles are usually considered to have average intelligence compared to other breeds of dogs. They don't rank among the most intelligent species. However, they are close to the bottom. There are various ways to measure a dog's intelligence, and you could be interested in many kinds of intelligence.

Beagles make an excellent option for families with multiple pets or children because of their friendly and social nature. They are medium to small-sized dogs that can quickly adapt to various living situations, including houses and apartments that are small in size. Beagles are renowned for their ability to adapt to the Indian climate.

You are curious and eager to discover new things. The Beagle is constantly asking questions. If you have one of the breeds, odds are you're an intelligent, determined individual loyal to family and friends but tough on adversaries and very stubborn.

They are jolly dogs that love affection. They are sociable. However, they can be lonely and can be agitated and destructive. According to a consumer's guide on dogs, beagles are the top dog breed for excessive barking. They also can become complex in housebreaking or training obedience.

As opposed to many other breeds of dogs, Beagles appear to lack the capacity to control their appetite. While other species may feel satisfied and stop eating once they are overstuffed, Beagles seem unfamiliar with this sense. They can eat to the point of eating, too.

Beagles have a wonderful and outgoing personality but are also sensitive dogs. They come with specific challenges that any potential future owner must know.

Eye contact is a method used by dogs to express how they feel. Most of the time, it tells you they are in love with you. Dogs' affectionate gaze has been proven to release a "feel-good hormone known as the oxytocin hormone in both the dog and you.

Beagles, like any other dog, shouldn't be kept in cages for long. They require regular exercise, social interaction, and the freedom to roam easily. The confinement of a dog in a cell could be detrimental to their mental and physical health.

Yes, beagles are also jealous. This is usually seen when owners focus more on other pets, dogs, and humans.

Don't believe your Beagle will not bite you since it loves and is utterly loyal to you. If Beagles are scared or stressed, be extremely cautious so you don't get bit. If your Beagle displays any signs of aggression, take action immediately.

Beagles are also great companions for families with children. Their jolly disposition makes them ideal for children. Beagles are generally less abrasive than Golden Retrievers and are less hefty, so there's less chance of little kids being accidentally thrown over.

Beagles are at risk of viral and bacterial infections, the same as every dog can contract, like parvo, rabies, and distemper. A lot of these diseases can be prevented with vaccinations, and we'll advise based on the ailments we observe in our region, her age, and other variables.

Labrador Retrievers are renowned for their friendly and outgoing personality, making them ideal pets for families. They can also be trained and are often utilized to serve as dogs. On the contrary, beagles are well-known for their kindness and loyalty. They also get along well with children and are excellent companions.

Beagles are a breed of dog known for their friendly and outgoing personalities. However, they are not usually bred to protect. While some species of beagles show protection instincts toward their owners, this is not a typical trait of the breed, and they're not typically considered guard dogs.

Adult beagles need 2 hours of exercise daily, and some will go further than that. In addition to physical activity, stimulating their minds is crucial to ensure your pet is not bored. They enjoy playing activities and discovering new places to engage their large brains.

While the constant barking needs to be controlled, it's essential to realize that many Beagles aren't silent dogs. Children under two may get excited, but eventually, they'll settle down once they have learned to get used to family members and the home's general atmosphere.

Beagles have a brief, dense coat that protects against hot and cold temperatures. However, monitoring your dog for symptoms of discomfort and adjusting the temperature as necessary is essential.

Beagles are easy to maintain, happy, and affectionate pets. This makes them perfect for all kinds of people. "Beagles' happy and affectionate nature makes them suitable for various owners, including active families," Bill informs us.

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